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Featured Articles
Who Is Your Tech Expert?
If your dealer clients are relying on old habits or bad advice, it may be time to take a more active role in selecting the software they need to help run their stores.

By: John Fuhrman

Years ago, it wasn’t cool to buy all of your stereo equipment from the same company. Your turntable had better have a different label than your receiver, which was different than your speakers, and so on. For those who were real music and stereo experts, ... Read More »
Isn’t Your Attitude the Heart of Selling?
Successful agents have learned to move on from losing one sale and take a positive attitude into their next meeting.

By: George Dans

Somebody recently asked me how important it was to have a positive attitude when it comes to selling. I said your attitude is the heart of selling, and today it seems like some people need a cardiologist when it comes to keeping a positive mental ... Read More »
Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?
Agents and dealers must work together to comply with the federal Red Flags rule and confirm the identity of every car buyer.

By: Robert J. Wilson, Esq.

If you are of a certain age, you will quickly recognize the refrain from the 1978 double platinum “Who Are You?” album by rock legends, The Who. While the song is about band member Pete Townsend getting questioned by the local men in blue after ... Read More »
F&I Success
Do the Work!
Like in football, F&I managers need to establish an effective plan and strategy to get the results they want.

By: Rick McCormick

Selling intangible products is hard! I’ve never seen a customer so excited about buying a vehicle service agreement that they can’t wait to show it to their friends. Selling an intangible product requires discovering and helping the customer see their need for the product. You ... Read More »
Safe and Sound!
Putting your customers at ease will make them feel more comfortable making a purchase, and getting there is easier than you think!

By: Rick McCormick

The founder of online music store CD Baby, Derek Sivers, once said, “The single most important thing is to make people happy. If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you.” In ... Read More »
Hot Tips
Bring Back the GOYA
Gerry Gould of UDS with this week's tip!

Today I'd like to bring back the GOYA. Thats right, GOYA! G-O-Y-A, get off your axle in every aspect of your position as F&I manager ...

Watch the Tip Here »
Creating A Mental Advantage
Gerry Gould of UDS with this week's tip!

Today I'd like to talk about going into each presentation with the right mind set. You see, the fact is if you go into each presentation with the correct mind set ...

Watch the Tip Here »
Small Business Tips
The Role Managers Play In Shaping Employee Well-Being
Management support is crucial to the success of any workplace wellness program. As leaders, managers have the opportunity to build supportive work environments that promote employee health and well-being. Employee wellness is a smart investment for today’s managers. Research has shown the link connecting employee health behaviors with healthcare costs and the bottom line, reports ... Read More »
From Crisis to Crushing It: How to Bounce Back From Disaster
Some companies pass every test with flying colors. Others fold. In most cases, management makes the difference between those that make it and those that don’t — especially during times of crisis. Every crisis is a two-sided coin. One side is a destroyer and the other is a creator. In other words, there is both folly and opportunity ... Read More »
Give Your Employees a Seat at the Table for Greater Success
Scandals. Accusing headlines. Public uproar. Decreasing perception. We’ve seen what happens when CEOs get called out for their errors. The root of these emerging upper management issues that have plagued companies from Uber to Samsung is that they never created a culture that empowered employees and instead silenced them with fear and toxicity. This noxious ... Read More »
Can Sales Excellence Be The Norm?
We know the type of salespeople we need: rockstars. We advertise for them. We know what they look like. Think about your best salesperson for a moment — a rockstar. Perhaps they do 50-80% of your sales. Imagine if you could develop your entire team to produce at the same level, reports Forbes. What would ... Read More »
5 Steps to More Smoothly Delegate Decision-Making
If you’re building a successful, growing business, you are most likely adding staff. To continue to grow to a fully evolved midsize business — one where others manage the employees and make the daily tactical decisions — you will need to delegate, reports Entrepreneur. However, like most business owners, you probably started out making all the important decisions. How do ... Read More »
This Is What the Best Bosses Do to Hire Superstar Employees
How do you get top performers flocking to your company? Salary? Sure, that helps. But A-players care about more than money. Perks? A fancy gourmet cafeteria is nice, but not exactly that uncommon these days. Your company brandor reputation? Good, but unless you’re Google, Facebook, or a well-established company, it’s not as important as you ... Read More »
How Companies Miss The Boat On Employee Engagement
Why is engaging employees such a challenge for most companies? Heaven knows it’s not for lack of ideas. Spend 30 seconds on the web and you will find lists of 12 or 25 or 49 ways to boost engagement, along with those sad figures about how 70% of workers continue to say they’re unengaged, reports ... Read More »
10 Tips on How to Become a Thought Leader
People often ask me how I became a contributor for a major platform like Entrepreneur. In fact, every time one of my articles get published, I get Facebookand Linkedin messages and emails asking, “How do I get published there?” I also get asked how I got to be a contributor on national TV news programs or ... Read More »
This Is the 1 Habit All Successful People Live By
On the outside, successful people tend to look like they don’t have a care in the world. Everything is going according to plan. They have what they need, when they need it. They have who they need, where they need them. They have their priorities set, their goals envisioned, and all parties involved are aligned, ... Read More »
How To Finish What You Started, According To Jon Acuff
What’s a simple way to increase the chance that you’ll actually achieve your goals? “Dream Big,” are two motivational words you hear a lot when trying to carve out your own path, reports Forbes. Granted, having challenging and ambitious goals are a key part in planning out your future. But are big goals really the ... Read More »
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Auto Industry News
Wes Lutz Elected 2018 NADA Chairman
DANA POINT, Calif. — The National Automobile Dealers Association’s (NADA) 63-member board of directors elected Wes Lutz as chairman for the 2018 term, the association announced. The election took place at NADA’s board meeting in Dana Point, Calif., on Oct. 3. The new term officially ... Read More »
CUDL: Credit Unions Capitalizing on Bank Retreat
ONTARIO, Calif. — Credit unions and captives continued to take advantage of the pullback by banks in the second quarter. The message coming out of CU Direct (CUDL)’s Sept. 28 webcast is that credit unions need to act fast before banks reconfigure their strategy. Banks ... Read More »
Sending Out an SMS: Car Buyers Prefer Texting to Calls
INDIANAPOLIS — New data from thousands of consumer profiles studied by PERQ for the firm’s most recent Car Buyer Insights Report questions key assumptions about dealership website visitor behavior, from where these consumers are in the buying cycle to how they prefer to be communicated with, and ... Read More »
Matt Weinberg Joins Drive Motors as SVP
SAN FRANCISCO — Dealer ecommerce solutions provider Drive Motors announced that Matt Weinberg will be joining the team as senior vice president of consumer experience. Weinberg joins the company from Showroom Logic, an automotive digital marketing company, where he served as chief strategy officer. “I’m ... Read More »
Cox Offers RPM Access to Independent Dealers
ATLANTA — RMS Automotive and Manheim (divs. Cox Automotive) announced the launch of a new co-listing capability designed to give independent dealers access to all open sale vehicles listed on RPM, the Nissan and Infiniti digital sales platform powered by RMS Automotive. The open sale ... Read More »
Auto/Mate Integrates DMS With Oplogic’s Dealer Operator
ALBANY, N.Y. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems’ dealer management system is now fully integrated with Oplogic's Dealer Operator CRM solution. Dealers using both offerings will benefit from the increased sales and operations intelligence shared in real time between the two systems. "Oplogic offers a comprehensive product ... Read More »
Alpha Warranty Celebrates 15th Anniversary
SALT LAKE CITY – Alpha Warranty Services has reached another milestone, celebrating 15 years of growth, innovation, and partnerships. Over the past 15 years Alpha has continued to distinguish itself throughout the industry with products covering all vehicles. With multiple industry awards and recent acknowledgement as ... Read More »
Southwest Reinsure, Inc. Announces Acquisition by iA Financial Group of Canada
ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Southwest Reinsure, Inc. (SouthwestRe) announced that it will be acquired by iA Financial Group (Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.) of Quebec City, Canada. The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval. iA Financial Group (iA) is purchasing SouthwestRe in order to ... Read More »
CNA National Welcomes Chief Development Officer
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—Earlier this month Keith Mahoney assumed the newly established role of chief development officer (CDO) for CNA National Warranty Corporation. As CDO, he will work closely with the senior management team to evaluate, champion and execute strategic initiatives to drive CNA National’s market expansion ... Read More »
Industry-leading F&I Service Provider Grows Its National Footprint
ORLANDO, Fla. – US Equity Advantage (USEA) is now licensed in Mississippi, New York, Tennessee and Washington, D.C., bringing to 37 the number of states in which the company offers is AutoPayPlus biweekly loan acceleration service. Additionally, it is the only F&I biweekly loan service ... Read More »
Alpha Warranty Reveals Unlimited Term Mileage Program
SALT LAKE CITY – Alpha Warranty Services revealed, today, an update to their PriorityOne program, now called PriorityOne Unlimited. This program allows consumers to drive for an unlimited number of miles during their term duration with exclusionary coverage. Already an industry leader in term mileage, ... Read More »
EasyCare’s SAVY Automotive Technology Outshines Uber and others at Digital Dealer 23
NORCROSS, Ga. — EasyCare announced that its SAVY™ mobile app suite and OBD-II device earned first-place honors in the Tech Tank competition at the Digital Dealer conference this week. SAVY won in a landslide with half the votes, more than doubling 2nd place Uber. “We are ... Read More »
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