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Featured Articles
Is F&I Dead? Not If You’re up for Being a Change Agent
Agents can and should play a key role in helping dealers transition to a customer-focused F&I process without sacrificing revenue.

By: Jason Barrie

I’ve always been a loyal New York Giants fan. Big Blue, as us New Yorkers call them, has always been a model professional sports franchise. The team has succeeded by focusing on leading through commitment to excellence and going about business the right way. In ... Read More »
Start Every Deal the Right Way
Soft pull technology offers dealers an easy, low-cost method for boosting leads and sales.

By: John Palmer

Imagine that, with just a name and address, you could immediately know a customer’s exact credit score and all the information about their open auto loans, including exact payment, payoff, and interest rate as soon as they enter the showroom, go on your website, or ... Read More »
Modernists vs. Traditionalists: Morphing Into an Edealership
Compliance expert explains how to balance the benefits of a digitized F&I process with the same regulatory demands required of the paper process.

By: Gil Van Over

As the sales and F&I processes are morphing from a traditionalist (paper) documentation of the processes to a modernist (digital) documentation, it is helpful to step back to see where the change is taking place. The battle between a modernist and a traditionalist is evident ... Read More »
Meet the Executive
An Interview with Craig Robinson
AE racks up frequent flyer miles with Craig Robinson, president of AAGI.

By: Tariq Kamal

In November, Craig Robinson accepted an offer to join American Auto Guardian Inc. (AAGI) as the company’s new president, propelling friend and associate Tim Brugh to the position of CEO and setting the stage for a partnership Robinson believes will pay dividends for the organization ... Read More »
Summit Updates
Agent Summit Names Jimmy Atkinson as Keynote Speaker
LAS VEGAS — Organizers of the upcoming Agent Summit have announced that Jimmy Atkinson, president and CEO of AUL Corp., will serve as the keynote speaker for the eighth annual event. Agent Summit 2018 will be held May 20–23 at the Venetian & Palazzo Resort ... Read More »
F&I Success
Small Choices Lead to Big Explosions!
The loss of the Challenger proves that ignored warnings and false urgency can lead to disaster.

By: Rick McCormick

When reading automotive industry publications, among the great articles about effective processes and success stories, we unfortunately often find headlines concerning another dealership or group that is being pursued legally for deceptive practices. I have worked one-on-one with dealers for many years. Among them I ... Read More »
Hot Tips
A Good Transition Statement is Fundamental
Gerry Gould of UDS with this week's tip!

Replace this with the first sentence or so of the tip. The blurb goes here. Replace this text ...

Watch the Tip Here »
Products that Complement, Enhance and Complete a Lease
Gerry Gould of UDS with this week's tip!

Replace this with the first sentence or so of the tip. The blurb goes here. Replace this text ...

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Small Business Tips
3 Questions Every Business Owner Should Always Be Asking Themselves
I’m a huge believer in learning as much as I can from others. I’ve done my best to take on the advice I hear from mentors, fellow business owners, and more seasoned entrepreneurs I admire, reports Forbes. I’ve also done my fair share of listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and watching TED talks for entrepreneurial ... Read More »
5 Ways to Turn Unproductive Employees Into Superstars
So you’ve got yourself a handful of employees who just aren’t getting the job done – or maybe they aren’t getting it done fast enough. You could cut bait and fire them, but you’ve come to learn the time and effort required to train the next group of employees is significant, reports Entrepreneur. You’re willing ... Read More »
3 Secrets All Top Salespeople Know
Decades of growth in the $114 billion direct sales industry have led to the employment of over 60 million sales consultants. In an effort to increase profits, the sales industry has also introduced many sweeping changes with the advent of new technologies, reports Inc. While these changes no doubt have a positive effect on a ... Read More »
How To Win Against A Competitor’s Low-Ball Price Bid
Sometimes a competitor makes an offer so aggressive that even your loyal customers can’t ignore it. Though they may love your product, your people, your brand, and what you stand for, there is just too much money at stake, reports Forbes. How can you win without dropping your price and playing to their strengths? Our ... Read More »
A Strong Work Ethic Distilled to Its 5 Essential Qualities
The path to producing more, attracting massive numbers of customers, selling more and dominating your industry starts with cultivating a strong work ethic, reports Entrepreneur. Your work ethic is the moral principles that guide you in your job, business and career. A strong work ethic motivates you and your team to do the things that ... Read More »
The Trait That Made Elon Musk and Steve Jobs Fearless
When Elon Musk found out that NASA had no intentions of going to Mars, he decided to invest $100 million of his own funds to develop reusable rockets; if NASA was not going to bring humanity to Mars, he would do it himself. Space industry veterans dismissed him by saying that reusable rockets were impossible. ... Read More »
As Company Culture Improves, So Does Your Business
Here’s something that shouldn’t be particularly surprising: After studying company culture as earnestly as any other business attribute, researchers have decided conclusively that culture is vitally important for the success of any company, reports Forbes. These researchers admit culture is a difficult thing to quantify, but if anything can manage it, it’s the scientific method. ... Read More »
7 Leadership Lessons From U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis
Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis was a well-respected and popular military leader long before most civilians had ever heard of him. Many people have heard stories about Mattis, who currently serves as U.S. Secretary of Defense, particularly during the time of his nomination, reports Entrepreneur. Nicknamed “Mad Dog,” the general is known for his intellect, ... Read More »
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Auto Industry News
CNA National Distributed More Than $41M to Dealers in 2017
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — CNA National Warranty Corp. (CNAN) returned more than $41 million to dealers across the United States last year through its various participation programs, bringing its inception-to-date total to more than $452 million. “This marks the third consecutive year that we have paid ... Read More »
APCO Adds Anne Bélec to Board of Directors
NORCROSS, Ga. — APCO Holdings Inc., the parent company of the EasyCare and GWC brands, announced the addition of Anne Bélec to its board of directors. Bélec brings extensive experience in brand management. She spent 24 years with Ford Motor Co., where she served as ... Read More »
EFG Sweeps Stevie Awards
DALLAS — EFG Companies was recognized in all four categories submitted at the 12th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, a feature of the American Business Awards. This marks the fourth year running that EFG has brought home Stevie Awards. This year, the ... Read More »
TD Auto Finance Joins AutoGravity Network
CHERRY HILL, N.J. — TD Auto Finance (TDAF), a subsidiary of TD Bank, is the latest auto finance source to join AutoGravity’s car-shopping and financing platform, the two companies announced this week. Through the newly forged partnership, indirect financing offers through TDAF will be made ... Read More »
Clarivoy Appoints Jessica Ruth to VP Role
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Dealer marketing solutions provider Clarivoy announced it has hired Jessica Ruth, formerly digital program manager at Dominion Dealer Solutions, as vice president of product. Commenting on the new hire, Clarivoy CEO Steve White said, “Jessica is a vital addition to our leadership ... Read More »
Dominion Launches New Cloud-Based CRM
NORFOLK, Va. — Dominion Dealer Solutions announced the launch of its new CRM, Dominion Vision. The new offering combines an intuitive interface with customized reporting and consumer-focused communication tools to create an easy-to-use CRM that will satisfy customers, sales reps and management, according to the provider. ... Read More »
Fidelis PPM Adds Deductible Reimbursement
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Prepaid maintenance program provider Fidelis PPM announced the addition of complimentary auto deductible reimbursement coverage as a new program benefit. The addition was designed to bring unique market and competitive advantages to Fidelis PPM’s new-car, independent and buy here, pay here dealers, ... Read More »
Experian Unveils Tri-Bureau Trended Attributes
COSTA MESA, Calif. — Experian unveiled the industry’s first tri-bureau trended attributes, which are aimed at giving finance sources a wider view into consumer credit behavior and patterns over time. Ultimately, this helps them expand into new risk segments and better tailor credit offers to ... Read More »
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